Meet Jess, 19, Brain Tumour

Meet Jess, 19, Brain Tumour

Back in 2013 in my first year at university I had just come back from my holiday and had been sent for an MRI scan because my GP thought I had epilepsy. The MRI scan soon revealed a brain tumour.  

I laughed at my consultant who I had only just met and said “are you serious?” he said “yes”. I was given two options; to leave it, and have a few months to live, or have surgery with lots of risks. I chose surgery.

I came through surgery better than anybody thought I would. I took a year out of university to get better. Finally, in September 2014, I went back into my second year at university. I was so excited but anxious as it was a different class of people.

Anyway, at the end of second year of university I was diagnosed again with the same brain tumour. I spent my summer holidays having radiotherapy every day for 6 weeks. I turned 21 a week after treatment and spent my birthday being sick! I was also on steroids at this point and had put loads of weight on. Five weeks after radiotherapy, I went back to university for my third and final year. It was so hard dealing with the stress of Uni and managing my side effects. But, on 18th July 2016 I graduated.

I live in St Helens, near Liverpool, and travel 190 miles to do stuff with Teens Unite because it is simply an amazing charity where you make life-long friends who understand you. Even the people who work & volunteer for Teens Unite are your friends.

When I read this back it makes me realise that I have come so far and achieved more than I thought I would!

I also have my own facebook page called- ‘life with a brain tumour ain’t that bad’. My aim of this page is to let others know how I’m getting on and what I’m up to. 

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